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PC & Cable has two business units, PC & Cable, which is the computer technology unit and PC Cable Connexion Inc., which is the telephony, and network structured cable system installation arm of the company. “The network cable unit was started out of necessity. When we would install networks, many times we would have problems with outside cable installers. When we would install a network we would have a great deal of problems if the cable was not installed to the proper standards,” said Edelman. “The customer does not want to hear you, as a technology provider, blame someone else for why your technology solution is not working correctly. Many times we would actually have to fix cable problems ourselves to make our computer equipment work correctly. It was our goal to provide a complete and one stop service to our customers so the development of our own cable and telephone installation company was a natural progression for us.”

Coupled with their technical knowledge of the systems that run over the cable infrastructure they install, PC & Cable can help their customers keep their systems running better than other companies that are very narrowly focused. “We always keep the bigger picture in view when helping our customers. We take ongoing training and keep up with industry change, which is no small undertaking,” said Luanne Edelman. “In a industry like the technology business, if you don’t keep up, you’re going to wither like a flower in the winter. Knowledge of the systems of the past, the current technology, and what is coming in the future is what gives us the ability to guide our customers to the technology that is right for them. As well as keep our customers on the right technology track so that they are ready for changes to technology that affects them.

Once their system is installed we are then able to provide the proper ongoing administration and maintenance that these systems require to give our customers maximum up time and keep their systems operating for the long term as they were intended to be used,” said Luanne. We are structured to scale our services to most any size to service our customer’s needs. From single computer for your home, a small network of 2-10 business computers to a network 200 or more, we have the services you need.

Hubbell, CommScope, Panasonic

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