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Cabling Services in the Houston and Surrounding Areas

PC-Cable Connexion system designers are equiped with the advanced skills needed to design and implement world-class cable infrastructure systems for small, medium and large-sized organizations.

Our rigorous step-by-step approach includes:

  • Identifing customer needs
  • Characterizing the existing network
  • Extracting new customer requirements
  • Designing the topology
  • Redundancy Analysis

These Actions Result in:

  • Optimizing system design
  • Providing for scalable bandwidths in various parts of the system
  • Defining a system management strategy
  • Providing for Plug-and-Play adds moves and changes
  • Generating design document(s)
Our Designers pride themselves with their experience in identifying and planning for the cable infrastructure needs of our customers. We train our people in documenting existing symptoms and causes of system deficiencies, from visual inspections through environment issues. Futhermore, a great deal of care

Hubbell, CommScope, Panasonic

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