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Telecom, Telephone Systems for your business by Panasonic by PC Cable Connexion Inc.

Assisting our customers to use their computers, file servers, and networks to efficiently manage their time is our goal. Using remote access to leverage small to mid size business owners time against work that needs to be done is a regular practice at PC & Cable companies. Through the use of Voice over IP technology, we now offer you remote phone extensions that work at home, at the remote office, or on the road .

Imagine, taking your laptop while traveling and using the Panasonic soft phone to turn your laptop into a fully functional communications portal. You would be able to conduct business as if you were in the office by having your staff seamlessly transfer calls to you. This same technology applies to your home office or remote office. Out on the road in the car on your cell phone? Your staff can also seamlessly transfer calls to your cell phone so your callers will not know you are out on the road. Our voice mail systems will even send your voice mail to your email or web enabled PDA to keep you in touch with your callers. Call today for a demonstration on all these Panasonic technologies and more at PC Cable Connexion Inc.

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